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Intuitive Life Coaching          Transformative Healing          Relaxing Sound Therapy          Chakra Energy Readings          Light Language Messages

World-Wide Phone, Video or Distance Sessions  *  In-Person Sessions in Southeast Florida by Appointment
305-705-5522 text/phone  *

Thank you so much for the beautiful online session Melysa!!! I feel so energized, happy and light!! After the EFT I immediately felt the energy flowing through my whole body after the years of "stagnation". You knew exactly what and where my soul needed to be worked on. You are very intuitive!! Your EFT technique is unique and absolutely amazing!! It brought me immediate relief. Thank you for reading my chakras and helping and teaching me how to better to tune in. You have a true Gift! I hope the whole world knows about you soon and your beautiful healing energy. Blessings!! ~ G

We enjoy teaching and helping people to line up with what they say they want - this may involve intuitive coaching & guidance, healing work or a variety of resources or modalities to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.  

2020 New Product Offerings Now Available:
Healy Micro-Current Frequency Device &

New Life HGH Homeopathic Gel

Spring 2021 Pricing - Phone/Video Sessions:
$50 /30 min    $95 /60 min     $125 /90 min

Healing/Energy Work, Intuitive Consultations
Sound Bowl Sessions / Meditation / Classes / Events
In-Person Sessions Available in South Florida: $75-$150

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Private & Group Sessions

Typically, a variety of modalities will be combined in a session, depending on what is to be addressed and your level of comfort.

MIND BODY SPIRIT services include: 

 Tong Ren  Available as remote or in-person appointment or group event.

Addresses bio-energy flow. Testimonials include pain relief, stress relief, dis-ease remission or release. 

 Sujok   Available as remote or in-person appointment or class.

A popular healing system in India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia. A well-researched wholistic modality for

addressing effects of dis-ease and stress via hands & feet using seeds, color and energy systems.

Emotional / Physical Relief with Tapping/EFT, etc. Available as remote or in-person appointment or class.  

​Utilizing energy-shifting processes to help relieve emotional or physical discomfort, no matter what the cause.


Intuitive Energy & Chakra Readings   Available as remote or in-person appointment. 

Experience an Energy Reading or Intuitive Chakra Diagnostic to explore issues and

potentials of relationships, decisions and actions in general and according to your questions.

Spiritual Life Coaching  ​Available as remote or in-person appointment. 

​Looking for new directions? Adjusting to changes? Frustrated, apprehensive or confused?

Spiritual Life Coaching with intuitive insight and guidance can assist you in navigating your path.

Cold Laser Energy Healing for People & Pets  Available in-person.
Healing Lasers have been used to encourage the body's natural healing abilities for just about anything
you can think of. This one is officially FDA registered for Arthritis, Muscle Relaxation and Pain. Works nicely on pets too!

Sound Healing  In-person for groups or individuals.

Energy healing with an array of sound instruments to relax and release tensions in the

physical and energy bodies. Deep relaxation, visions and physical healings have been reported.

 Light Language Blessings and Messages   In-person for groups or individuals.

Personal messages from beings of higher love and light offer transmissions and perspectives

especially for you. You may ask specific questions on any topic. Includes some English translation.

Light Language is of a universal nature and is a direct download to your subconscious mind. Those

who receive Light language messages may find they are eventually able to connect with their own such talent.